VDL Futura wins title

VDL Bus & Coach was chosen from a field of strong competitors as the International Coach of the Year for 2012 during the Coach Euro Test 2011 held in Norway.

VDL Bus & Coach has been awarded the prestigious title of International Coach of the Year 2012 during the Coach Euro Test 2011 held in Norway recently.

The Futura was chosen from a field of strong competitors, with the jury basing its decision on the total concept of each coach, focusing particularly on practical usability, efficiency, fit and finish.

Jury members, who included professional journalists from 19 European countries, saw the VDL Futura foremost as “an efficient, cost-effective coach with an attractive design, high level of passenger comfort, an optimal driveline and a good price/quality ratio”.

They particularly praised the new Futura for its ease of use and commended the brief time required for a driver to become comfortable with the vehicle. This, combined with the fine on-road performance and a well-matched driveline featuring a smooth-shifting AS Tronic transmission, resulted in excellent ride comfort. With its small turning radius the Futura also scored highly in terms of manoeuvrability. A unique aspect of the two-axle Futura is its low kerb weight, which enables the 12,9 m length.

Rémi Henkemans, managing director of VDL Bus & Coach, is proud of the new Futura and his team. “The fact that we can now boast the title of International Bus of the Year 2011 for the Citea model, as well as International Coach of the Year 2012 for the Futura, shows that we rank among Europe’s top manufacturers,” he says,

“The new Futura was introduced in September 2010. It was developed on the basis of a long history of success, and also meets the diverse range of expectations placed on progressive coaches today. With the various length versions, engines, interior configurations and optional details, we can meet the customer’s individual wishes. The flexible modular construction makes it possible to tailor the vehicle’s variants to every operating area,” he continues.

The basic models are two-axle high-deck coaches with lengths of 12,2 m and 12,9 m, available with various seating configurations that provide space for up to 57 passengers. A trio of three-axle models with lengths of 13,1 m to 14,8 m round off the series.

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