Foton plans to dazzle

Foton plans to dazzle

Foton is planning to make its mark on the industry with its BJ1133 210ti model taking part in Truck Test 2013.


The Foton Aumark and Auman range of medium, heavy and extra-heavy commercial vehicles are manufactured in Beijing, China, by the Foton Daimler Automotive Co. Limited, and are marketed in South Africa by sole representatives – the Automotive Imports (AICC) group.

Des Botha, product manager for the Foton Daimler Automotive Co. Limited, is excited about the upcoming Truck Test: “The model BJ1133 210ti is a prime example of our products in the 14- to 15-tonne gross vehicle mass (GVM) category which, since its introduction, has performed well and with good results. Our driver for the Truck Test will be Louis Songo.”

Botha is also very excited about the fact that Daimler-Benz has formed a 50/50 partnership with Foton China. “Daimler-Benz would not get involved with a marque that they do not believe in.” He would know – he cut his teeth on Mercedes-Benz trucks and was with the company for 21 years. “Our Foton trucks are unique in that they’re one of the few to come out of China that are not a copy of another brand – we have a stand-alone product, which is manufactured in a state-of-the-art factories,” he enthuses.

Back on the subject of the Truck Test, he continues: “Our decision to submit to Truck Test is motivated by the strict conditions under which the test will be carried out, which we believe will confirm the desirable and competitive operational costs that we have received from our clients. By submitting to the test, we confirm our belief that the Foton brand will provide a very definite and economical operational solution to the many transport applications.”

One of Foton’s objectives in participating in Truck Test 2013 is to increase sales. Botha elaborates: “Publication of the results will assist professional and private transport operators to make considered buying decisions.”

Foton Trucks SA is certainly going places. “Our dealer network is expanding all the time. We offer 24/7-365 service support, as well as road-side assistance. We offer one of the best warranties, and have good back-up from our principals in China. The drivers like the trucks, which are doing very well in terms of fuel consumption. Our new 6x4s are also performing very well so far,” concludes Botha.

Detailed technical parameters of the BJ1133 210TI

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