Harrismith horror story!

Harrismith horror story!

Transport operators are being victimised in Harrismith!

According to Gavin Kelly, technical and operations manager for the Road Freight Association (RFA), the municipality has targeted freight operators with regards to illegal parking and impounding activities as part of a revenue-generating scheme.

Operators have also been prosecuted for breaking a vehicle mass limit applied to certain roads in the town. Apart from the initial offence, the vehicle is then impounded and a fee of R4 000 is set for release.

“The RFA has interacted with the municipality regarding the impounding of vehicles,” says Kelly. “Unfortunately, we have not had a favourable response.”

He would like to appeal to transport operators to please forward all relevant documentation regarding cases where vehicles have been impounded or fined for parking offences.

“The municipality maintains that they circulated notices to all freight operators, that a law enforcement programme was to be implemented against illegal parking and that clear signage was raised in this regard,” Kelly adds.

The RFA requires affidavits to confirm the fact that signage was absent, no communication was received and drivers were targeted in areas where parking has always been allowed.

To continue this matter, the RFA requires the above information and documentation.

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