Haven for heavy-eyed truckers

Haven for heavy-eyed truckers

The Marianhill Engen truck stop provides a safe resting place for the numerous truck drivers travelling the busy N3 between Gauteng and Durban.

According to Arrive Alive, the high number of road accidents in South Africa is largely due to driver fatigue. This is especially so in the case of truck drivers, who have to travel thousands of kilometres in order to deliver loads, often relying on just a few hours of disturbed sleep.

This is where the Marianhill Engen truck stop in Pinetown comes in. It is situated on the N3, a major transport route between Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal. This route is regarded by truck drivers as the busiest and most dangerous of our national roads.

As Durban is Southern Africa’s largest container port, extremely heavy traffic along this route is a reality. This has created the need for a clean and safe truck stop where drivers can relax and get in some well-deserved shut-eye – making the roads safer for everyone.

Marianhill Engen – the highest diesel volume truck stop in South Africa – was first opened in October 1991, and is still run by the same family, headed up by Gys Muller, the dealer principal. According to Muller, “The truck stop prides itself on being the truck driver’s home away from home”. “We know that they have a really difficult job; we try to ease their plight and boost road safety by providing them with a wide range of clean and comfortable facilities,” he tells FOCUS.

Haven for heavy-eyed truckersMarianhill is capable of parking 50 to 60 trucks on concrete per night. Although drivers sleep in their trucks, a pleasant recreation room allows them to relax and enjoy some down time when not actually sleeping. The recreation room is kitted out with DStv satellite, including access to M-NET and all sports channels, naturally, this particular feature of the truck stop was a real hit during the World Cup. The room also has a pool table for drivers to use and interact with each other. “Human interaction is vital to these lone-wolf drivers who spend hours alone on the road away from their families,” comments Muller.

Hot food is available for take-away, as well as all non-alcoholic beverages. This ensures that the temptation to drink while on the road is not put close at hand; another way Marianhill Engen Truck Stop is safeguarding all those who use South Africa’s roads, in line with Engen’s zero tolerance policy where alcohol abuse is concerned.

The truck stop also offers separate ablution blocks for males and females; both with clean, well-maintained toilets, hot showers and wash basins.

Drivers, their trucks and cargo are all kept safe by the facility’s 24-hour access control, security and fencing and a night patrol guard – meaning the drivers can sleep peacefully knowing they are being watched over.

Another initiative Marianhill Engen truck stop uses to keep drivers safe is the on-site wellness centre. “This ensures that drivers are able to have regular health check-ups when on the road. It is extremely important for truck drivers to be in good health; a truck driver with bad eyesight, untreated diabetes or severe hypertension – to name but a few medical conditions – does not make for safe roads,” notes Muller.

Haven for heavy-eyed truckersShould truckers encounter any vehicle problems while on the road, Rieks Towing, Vossies Towing and CTS Trailers are all customers of the truck stop and are only a phone call away. Marianhill also offers a state-of-the-art 24-hour breakdown service with minor repair capabilities and the full range of Engen quality products. There is a CMH (Nissan UD) workshop on site; and MAN, Volvo, FAW and Tyco are all within two kilometres of the truck stop.

The team at Marianhill Engen truck stop did not only have drivers in mind when creating the perfect haven for truckers. The facilities include a 24-hour telephone and fax depot, while e-mail access and ATMs are also available. The truck stop will even provide drivers with cash for toll gates if electronic fund transfers have been made by the operators.

“We are sure you will agree that Marianhill Engen truck stop is ideally equipped and situated to meet the long-standing need for a facility of its kind in the Durban area, and we intend on being around for many years to come as your number one truck stop,” Muller concludes.

For more information on Marianhill truck stop, including information on their lower diesel prices, visit their website at www.truckstop.co.za

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