How fuel efficient are your tyres?

How fuel efficient are your tyres?

Michelin Tyre Company SA conducted a fuel consumption test from June 30, 2014 to July 2, 2014 to prove that one’s fuel bill can be reduced by using Michelin “Green” tyres.

To ensure that the fuel consumption test was conducted accurately, three identical trucks were used: The Mercedes Benz Actros 2644/S33 truck tractors; each pulling identical two-axle interlink curtainside trailers carrying identical payloads.

For the pre-test, all vehicles were fitted with Michelin XZ All Road tyres as the baseline. These were used to eliminate any variances the trucks might have had.

The tyres on all three vehicles were the same size and dimensions (315/80 R22.5) and had the same pressure per position. Each set of tyres was rotated between the trucks at the turnaround depot. The three sets of tyres used to conduct the test were: XZ All Road and XDE2+ (Black), X Line Energy Z& D (Green) and, XZ All Road (New) and XDE2+ (Re-grooved).

Each truck travelled an identical route three times, using each set of tyres once. Each truck was equipped with a GPS and a fuel flow meter to measure fuel consumption. These instruments were used to provide accurate information on the total fuel used, as well as the speed and distance covered for the duration of the test.

Of a truck’s total fuel usage, 50 percent is used to power the truck and 20 percent is used to overcome the mechanical and aerodynamic forces, while 30 percent is used to overcome rolling resistance of the tyres.

How fuel efficient are your tyres?Rolling resistance can’t be eliminated, but, depending on the tyres used, it can be reduced. The results of the fuel tests proved that the “Green” Michelin X-Line energy range is the most fuel-efficient of the Michelin tyre ranges.

• Green tyres showed a 7,93 percent fuel saving over the Black tyres

• Green tyres showed a 5,12 percent fuel saving over the Re-grooved tyres

• Re-grooved tyres showed a 3,03 percent fuel saving over the Black truck tyres

According to Jim Campbell, technical management consultant at Road Transport and Logistics, “The tests were conducted in such a manner that the results generated can be considered correct within acceptable levels of accuracy, and the final fuel-consumption figures can be considered as true reflection of the performance of the tyres for the duration of the tests.”

The tyres on your truck can have an enormous effect on the amount of fuel the truck consumes, and by choosing Green tyres you can reduce your fuel bill. To calculate the rand value of the saving, we look at a transport company with a fleet of 100 trucks:

• Distance covered by fleet: 14 400 000 km per year

• Fuel consumption: 1,6 litres per km

• Fuel price: R11,29 per litre*

• Fuel bill: R260 121 600 (distance x consumption x fuel price)

• Fuel saving using Green tyres: 7,93 percent

• Rand value of total fuel saved: R20 627 643**

Michelin is committed to ongoing research and development to produce the best quality tyres that will give you the best performance and will be more cost effective in the long run.

*Based on the price of diesel on April 1, 2015.

**Calculated on the above simulated transport company. Figures will vary.

Please contact Michelin Tyre Company South Africa for more information. Customer Service: 0860 100 480

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