Hyundai tips the H100

Hyundai tips the H100

The Commercial Vehicles Division of Hyundai Automotive SA is now assembling the tipper version of the brand’s H100 at its plant in Apex, Benoni.

“We recognised the demand for this versatile H100 derivative, and realised that we could create a tipper conversion from the standard drop-side deck in the advanced workshop at our Benoni SKD assembly plant,” says Stanley Anderson, marketing director of Hyundai Automotive SA.

Previously the Hyundai H100 Tipper was available in restricted numbers, due to the outsourcing of this conversion.

Hyundai tips the H100 The H100 Tipper’s electro-hydraulic lift system is controlled with a switch unit that is connected in the cabin of the bakkie.

Among the benefits of the H100 Tipper is that the truck is smaller than other vehicles of this nature. The smaller size means that it is allowed in housing estates or business parks where bigger tipper trucks are prohibited. Further, only a code 8 driver’s license is required.

“The added convenience of the tipper deck makes it a winner, and, due to the local assembly and in-house conversion, we are better placed to meet demand for the H100 Tipper,” says Anderson.

Hyundai Automotive SA produces the Tipper on order, although a few of them are kept in stock at the Apex assembly plant.

The H100 Tipper without an air-conditioner sells at R282 900, while the derivative fitted with an air-conditioner is priced at R297 900. Both benefit from Hyundai’s lengthy warranty of seven-years or 200 000 km.

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