Imperial’s healthcare supply chain soars

Imperial’s healthcare supply chain soars

With the acquisition of a major stake in the pharmaceutical wholesaler Pharmed Pharmaceutical, Imperial Logistics is staying on course with its plans to build an independent healthcare supply chain business.

Iain Barton, Imperial Health Sciences managing director, explains: “Our aim is to build a strong, focused, integrated and independent healthcare supply chain company, which will enable Imperial to pursue opportunities in this rapidly changing market, and will also yield benefits for hospitals, pharmacies, doctors and patients.”

Outlining these benefits, Barton says that the entry of large retail chains into pharmacy and pharmaceutical wholesaling has placed independent pharmacies in a position where their traditional wholesalers have now effectively become the competition.

He adds: “Imperial’s strategy of integrating distribution and wholesaling services – which are not aligned to any retailer or manufacturer – means that independent pharmacies, hospitals and dispensing doctors will have the advantage of a strong, independent, transparent wholesale service encompassing a full basket of products, with no ties to any particular brand owners or retail chains.”  

Barton notes that the bulk of prescriptions are still processed at independent pharmacies. He adds that it is through independent pharmacies that improved access to medication is being extended to South Africa’s emerging middle class.

Yusuf Vahed, managing director of Pharmed, says that becoming part of Imperial will enable the company to boost its reach, capacity and resources. “We also expect to be able to broaden our product offerings as well as offer more competitive pricing to benefit our clients.”

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