It’s time for an Ecolution!

It’s time for an Ecolution!

Scania’s stand at the IAA was a hive of activity, with a huge array of innovative offerings on display – from “Ecolution by Scania” to a whole new range of gas engines for trucks and buses. CHARLEEN CLARKE reports…

It’s funny how new words pop up all the time. The latest is “Ecolution” and, as our immensely intelligent readers have no doubt gathered, it’s a combination of “eco” and “revolution”.

And that pretty much sums up “Ecolution by Scania” which, in a nutshell, is a new line of green products and services that help operators to minimise the carbon footprint and maximise earnings of their truck and bus operations.

The company believes that there is a lot that it can do to help to optimise their operations – and it says that this new concept will do just that. “By opting for Ecolution by Scania, our customers will get the lowest possible CO2 emissions and fuel consumption, both on diesel and on renewable fuels,” explains executive vice-president Martin Lundstedt, who is in charge of sales and marketing.

So what exactly is “Ecolution by Scania”? Well, it comprises several elements, which all aim to secure lasting CO2 performance improvements on vehicles in operation. These include the provision of vehicles specifically designed to minimise fuel consumption and thus CO2 emissions, driver training adapted for each driver’s needs and for the application, driver follow-up (coaching) at agreed intervals, regular fleet performance reports, a special maintenance programme adapted to preserve CO2 and fuel efficiency and an overall carbon footprint analysis performed at agreed intervals. It certainly sounds like a very worthwhile and clever concept; hats off to Scania for coming up with such an innovative idea.

It’s time for an Ecolution!Allied to this concept, Scania lifted the lid on a range of engines designed to run on biogas as well as natural gas, and which are said to run just like diesel engines. The engines are tailored for distribution, refuse collection and city bus operation, with a broad choice of configurations for each.

Of course, a number of new trucks occupied pride of place on the stand – such as the new R-series, which features the new, and much loved automated gear changing system, Scania Opticruise. It has new interior fittings, which really do take fit and finish to a new level (its innovative pull-out bed offers up to 900 mm of luxury accommodation).

Oh and let’s not forget the new V8 truck range. It boasts a 16,4-litre V8, which produces 3 500 Nm and 544 kW (730 hp) – Scania says it’s the highest-rated truck engine on the market. This new engine is paving the way for technologies to be used to meet Euro 6 emission standards.

The Scania Touring coach, suitable for occasional service as well as regular intercity service, also made its debut at the IAA. Built in co-operation with Chinese bus manufacturer Higer, Scania Touring is a high-decker coach produced according to Scania standards and with full market support from Scania. A new three-axle version with two interior equipment levels and numerous comfort options was added to the range.

It’s an extremely good-looking vehicle, offering typical Scania design traits – such as a rounded wedge-shape at the front and the rounded corners that reduce drag.

The Scania OmniCity, an all-aluminium city bus, was also exhibited. Forming part of Scania’s comprehensive range of city and suburban buses, the Scania OmniCity is a full low-floor 12 m city bus that is also offered as a double-decker for the UK market. There is also an 18 m articulated version. The low-floor layout is highly flexible, offering high passenger capacity and fast circulation for busy inner-city routes. The Scania OmniCity is available with engines that run on diesel/biodiesel, gas/biogas and also ethanol.

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