Kögel launches new trailer telematics module

Kögel launches new trailer telematics module

Kögel launched a new trailer telematics module with automatic tyre detection at Solutrans. This globally unique system automatically localises the tyre-pressure monitoring sensors in each tyre. Patrick Wanner, the company’s head of public relations, kindly demonstrated it to FOCUS

The trailer telematics module features an integrated tyre-pressure monitoring receiver. This innovation is quite terrific, because it means that tyres can be changed quickly and easily in any workshop. It’s really easy to determine the exact position of every tyre-pressure sensor, and thus every tyre.

There is also no need for workshop employees to attend training courses and have software knowledge. The new trailer telematics module detects the tyre-pressure sensors in the tyres and the position on the trailer automatically.

This means that all the tyres equipped with a tyre-pressure sensor can be replaced quickly and easily in the whole fleet. Naturally, this system also improves the reaction time in cases of pressure loss and reduces the risk of failure and accidents. 

From the second quarter of 2018, Kögel’s customers will be able to choose between two Kögel trailer telematics modules: either Kögel’s own trailer telematics module, or the new trailer telematics module with automatic tyre detection, developed in co-operation with LDL Technology.

Both modules are specially designed for systems coordinated with Kögel trailers and offer real-time access to trailer electronic braking system (EBS), tracking, cooling as well as tyre and trailer data on a Kögel web portal that is clear, self-explanatory and easy to use.

In conjunction with the EBS modulator and a cooling device, the new Kögel trailer telematics module with automatic tyre detection also supplies important data on the operating status of the trailer. The Kögel Telematics web portal can be used to evaluate this data as needed.

It is also possible to define the geo-fencing in the Kögel telematics web portal and to set alarms that then notify the forwarder, the repair shop, or the fleet manager (either by text or email) about defined deviations in the set parameters.

The Kögel Telematics app, the Kögel web portal, or the fleet-management system can be used by forwarding companies to access the following real-time data in addition to the standard “PosControl” telematics data, such as locations, driving times and progress.

“EBSControl” provides information from the EBS on items such as the braking response, mileage, speed, axle load, tyre pressure and brake wear.

“TrailerControl” shows the current coupling status, the opening state of the doors and the battery status, as well as whether the ignition of the tractor unit is switched on or off.

“TempControl” helps to monitor and control the temperature inside the refrigerated box vehicle and continuously monitors and documents the cooling chain, while also providing information about operating and service cycles.

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