Kuga: style meets practicality

Kuga: style meets practicality

We all know the dangers of calling something “practical”; this generally means that the object in question has the sex appeal of a toaster. But … dare I say it … I honestly do believe that the Ford Kuga is a really practical and (gulp) sensible vehicle.

I say this for a bundle of reasons. First there is that highly desirable seating position; you can see for kilometres. Then there is the Kuga’s turning circle; it’s ever so manoeuvrable.

It’s a sensible executive car because it will help you survive this country’s notoriously horrendous roads. In fact, it comes with an impressive array of safety features – Ford’s Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system, Active City Stop, Lane Keeping Aid, Blind Spot Indication System and more. Not surprisingly, the Kuga has achieved a Euro NCAP five-star safety rating.

The Kuga is also practical and sensible because you won’t need to take a second bond before refuelling this SUV. Actually, at the launch, the executives from Ford proudly told the media that the Kuga was set to shatter the myth that an SUV can’t be green, high-tech, capable and exceptional all at once. They were right; the Kuga does indeed tick all these boxes – its powertrains deliver oodles of power and they’re remarkably frugal. CO2 emissions are prudently low too.

But are these factors enough to convince you to buy a Kuga? Probably not – if it looked like the aforementioned toaster. Nothing could be further from the truth with this stylish Ford. When I first spied the vehicle at Ford’s secret test track in Belgium (the test track was such a well-kept secret that even Ford’s senior execs couldn’t find it), I was mighty impressed at its subtle, sleek lines and sensual styling. I remain impressed today – this is one good-looking car.

The Kuga manages to achieve the impossible: it combines common sense with a sleek silhouette too. That’s a bit like finding a librarian who is also a FHM cover model … it’s worth a second look.

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