Liqui Moly takes Africa to heart

Liqui Moly takes Africa to heart

Lubricant manufacturer Liqui Moly has announced a variety of social responsibility initiatives on the African continent, beginning with South Africa.

Recently visiting the country, CEO Ernst Prost announced that the company will in future donate R10 from every item sold in South Africa to the Joint Aid Management (JAM) agency. JAM looks after the most immediate needs of children from the slums of Johannesburg, providing them with food and an education.

Prost also announced the establishment of the Ernst Prost Foundation for Africa, which aims to alleviate the suffering of children in Africa and will work similarly to the Ernst Prost Foundation established in 2010, which supports people in need in Germany.

Prost will provide more than R6,5 million from his private assets as the foundation’s capital baseline.
“In South Africa, and on the rest of the continent, children have no lobbyists. Children from the slums are not only missing lobbyists, but also that which is necessary for daily survival. The children there have no future prospects. To break this vicious cycle, they must be provided with food and given access to education,” says Prost.

On his trip Prost also visited the Little Dinosaurs day-care centre, where children are provided with food. Liqui Moly South Africa took on sponsorship of the day-care centre and donated wheelchairs, toys and clothes.

“The commitment to help on the African continent is not the end of this development,” says Prost. “I am also planning a similar project for India, where the social inequalities are comparable.”

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