More capability for Hino 300-Series

More capability for Hino 300-Series

To meet customer requirements and changing trends in the market, Hino South Africa will soon enlarge its range of models in the popular 300-Series truck line-up by introducing more crew-cab and automatic-transmission models.

“We have undertaken extensive research with our dealers and customers, as well as detailed market trend analysis. The results have highlighted the need for more of these trucks with crew-cab bodies and the option of automatic transmission,” explains Ernie Trautmann, vice president of Hino South Africa.

The only model currently available with both these specification items is the Hino 300 815.

“Trucks fitted with the smooth-shifting, Hino six-speed automatic transmission are finding increasing favour with operators. They are easy to drive, so reduce driver fatigue and allow the driver to concentrate fully on the road and traffic situation.

“They also cut maintenance costs. This is the ideal solution for owner drivers, of which there are a fair number in this market segment,” adds Trautmann.

The major target markets for the range include bakeries, security companies and local municipalities, with the latter favouring crew cabs when teams are used for work projects.

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