Nissan makes learners’ lives easier

Nissan makes learners’ lives easier

The Gauteng Automotive Learning Centre was the lucky recipient of two Nissan NV350 minibuses on Friday, February 20, when Nissan South Africa donated the vehicles to assist with the transportation of learners to and from various sites that are being utilised in the training programme.

The Learning Centre aims to develop scarce skills in the automotive industry, expand the local supply chain and promote job creation. It is built on land donated by Nissan, which is situated near the company’s Roslyn manufacturing plant. It is managed by the Automotive Industry Development Centre (AIDC).

The Learning Centre offers practical and theoretical training across many automotive-related disciplines. Since its formal launch, in July 2013, almost 1 400 people have undergone normal training, learner development or operator re-skilling.

Nissan makes learners’ lives easierUpon accepting the vehicles’ keys, AIDC CEO, Barlow Manilal said: “We are most grateful to Nissan for the NV350 donation. The vehicles will greatly assist in transporting our students to and from various training sites within the learning programme.”

According to Nissan South Africa MD, Mike Whitfield, the vehicles form part of ongoing support to the centre – a public-private partnership formed in 2012 between Nissan and the Gauteng provincial government’s Department of Economic Development.

“We believe that, by working together with government, tertiary institutions and other car manufacturers, we will increase the skills base required for a globally competitive industry. The vehicle donation is part of our ongoing support and commitment to the Learning Centre and will help it to meet its objectives,” concludes Whitfield.

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