Optimistic about the future

Optimistic about the future

Two long-standing Truck Test partners, Engen and Ctrack, are once again looking forward to a successful event

Lindsay Bassett, key account manager: transport, commercial fuels at Engen, says he looks forward to the challenges that the new format of Truck Test will present, and to having as many participants in 2016 as possible.

“The expanded Truck Test programme, which will cater for all categories of vehicles, is beneficial to the operators. The more information that can be gathered, on as many different models as possible, will certainly be an advantage to the transporters,” he notes.

Eugene van Niekerk, new business development manager, Ctrack Fleet Management SA, says that, from Ctrack’s perspective, the new proposed format will allow the company to establish industry-accepted functionality and results.

“These can be used by anyone as a yardstick on their performance. Further, being the first event of this format, it will provide ample opportunities to observe the event from a technology perspective.”

Both parties have been involved in the four previous events. “Obviously, the logistics of accommodating an increased number of participants does mean that the organisation and arrangements will be more challenging,” Bassett notes.

Van Niekerk adds: “Having three different routes with various permutations will require focused preparation, but we are confident that this event will deliver the expected outcome.”

Both companies are looking forward to introducing some interesting new concepts for the 2016 test. For Engen, this is two-fold, and includes the possibility of enabling this to be a “cashless test”, by offering each vehicle an Engen prepaid card that the teams will use to top-up fuel and buy their lunch.

The prospect of Euro-5 vehicles taking part will also be a first. “Engen is awaiting confirmation of participation and is hopeful that entries will include vehicles requiring Air One, our brand of leading AdBlue emission fluid that we launched in 2014. While current demand is still fairly modest, growth is phenomenal as more and more Euro-5 and Euro-6 vehicles find their way onto our roads,” says Bassett.

Van Niekerk reassures that the standard of technology and reporting, which Truck Test observers have come to expect from the company, will only get better. “With every Truck Test event, we provide more innovative ways to view the participants’ information. We will also give all parties mobile access to the information, which ensures transparency.”

Despite current tough economic conditions, both Bassett and Van Niekerk are steadfast in their respective companies’ ongoing support of Truck Test.

“While Engen continues to hold our position as the market-share leader in South Africa, the fuel volumes that we supply are under pressure as the transport sector battles with current conditions,” says Bassett.

“It would be easy for Engen to pull back from our involvement in Truck Test, but we believe it is at times like this that we can demonstrate to the transport industry that we are committed to being a major player in this sector for the long term.”

“The new format could potentially mean more entrants into the event, but this will not have any impact on Ctrack. We have many years of experience in our industry, and being involved with projects such as Truck Test allows the company to confirm its commitment to its clients and the industry,” Van Niekerk concludes.

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