Radical economic transformation mooted at TASA launch

Radical economic transformation mooted at TASA launch

Emerging transport operators have lots of challenges. Now, a new association, called the Emerging Truckers Association of South Africa (TASA), has been established – and it aims to address many of these issues.

TASA is the brainchild of South African truckers from around the country, who believe that emerging operators need wider representation, hence the formation of TASA.

Furthermore, they believe that the Road Freight Association (RFA) doesn’t cater to the needs of small transport operators.

According to the Association, emerging transport operators in South Africa account for revenue to the value of R12 billion per annum. Of this, R1,1 billion is generated from the transportation of coal, and R10,9 billion is generated from transporting goods in other industries (including petroleum, manganese, chrome, iron ore, food and beverages as well as general cargo).

Radical economic transformation mooted at TASA launchAt the launch there was a lot of talk of “radical economic transformation” and “reducing white capitalist monopolies” within transport industry. Speakers complained that transport companies in South Africa are owned by white South Africans. TASA aims to change this by uplifting and supporting emerging operators.

TASA will represent:
1. Owner drivers (many of whom continue to be exploited by big companies, says TASA). 
2. Small transport companies.
3. Emerging carriers (specifically within the fields of fuel, steel, mining, gas, powder, sugar and chemical transport).

Here are all the contact details for the new association:

Email: queen.zwane@i-tasa.co.za or info@i-tasa.co.za

Tel: 079 492 3044

Website: www.i-tasa.co.za (at the time of writing, this website was not yet functional; hopefully this will change in the near future).

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