Renault sketches the new Trafic

Renault sketches the new Trafic

Fans of Renault’s Trafic panel van will be happy to know that the French motor manufacturer has released the first sketch of its all-new Trafic, planned for release later this year.

According to Renault, the Trafic has managed to notch up sales of over 1,6 million units in a career spanning more than 34 years. The company says the illustration it has released will provide a preview glimpse of several of the forthcoming vehicle’s salient features.

“Its lines embody Renault’s new brand identity,” notes new Trafic designer, Kihyun Jung. “My aim was to achieve a dynamic, assertive stance without sacrificing either the robustness or user-friendliness customers expect of their van.”

The appeal of the van is boosted by revised styling, new technologies and a range of new engines that benefit from Renault’s expertise in the world of Formula 1 racing. With the third-generation Trafic, Renault has focused on meeting the needs of business customers more closely than ever by providing them with what it terms “Innovation for a Better Life”.

Although it is unsure if this new vehicle will come to South Africa, currently Renault offers the Trafic panel van i.9dCi and the Kangoo Express van to our market. The Trafic panel van comes in a standard height and a long wheelbase with a payload capacity of 1 200 kg.

The Kangoo features an 800 kg payload, a range of storage compartments and is available with a 1,6-litre, 16-valve petrol engine.

Renault plans to make more information about the all-new Trafic available soon.

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