Scania looks to score

Scania looks to score

With two impressive vehicles taking part in Truck Test 2012, Scania is planning to show the industry what’s what.

Scania is renowned for its high-powered trucks, and Truck Test 2012 gives the marque the perfect platform from which to show off its might.

The manufacturer’s first rig is the 350 kW (470 hp) 6-cylinder R470 6×4 combination. “This specific vehicle, with its high power output and low fuel consumption, has caused a big stir in the market,” says Scania sales and marketing executive Jeandre Koen. The R470 now comes standard with an automatic gearbox and five-stage retarder. This helps to keep the engine revs low when tackling both ascents and descents. It has a GVM of 25 700 kg.

Contender number two is Scania’s flagship model – the 462 kW (620 hp) V8 R620 6×4 combination, with a GVM of 25 500 kg. This vehicle comes with all the bells and whistles, including a double bunk sleeper cab and full leather seats with lumbar support that even top passenger vehicles would be proud of.

Both vehicles have Scania’s newly designed ergonomic dash, which places everything within easy reach for the driver at all times, as well as a multifunction steering wheel that means drivers needn’t take their eyes of the road at any stage.

While designed with the driver in mind, no stone has been left unturned in the quest to make these vehicles among the safest and greenest on the road today.

Scania expects its flagship R620 to dish out a few surprises.Both come standard with an under-run bumper to ensure that should anything go wrong and a head-on collision occur with a passenger vehicle, the people in the passenger vehicle will have a very good chance of survival.

The R620 V8 is a Euro-4 emission compliant vehicle, contributing to saving the planet one drop at a time. It makes use of a SCR (Selective Catalyst Reduction) system to meet the Euro-4 standards. The system makes use of AdBlue, injected into the exhaust gases before the catalytic converter reduces the NOx levels emitted by the tail pipe.

This flagship model has been tested on the major routes in our country and has come up with astonishing fuel figures of up to 2,5 km per litre.

Will this be reaffirmed – or perhaps even improved upon – in Truck Test 2012? The event is certainly giving us many things to look out for.

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