Style built on inspiration

Style built on inspiration

The Hispano Iveco Divo luxury coach was recently launched at Truck Centre in Midrand. FOCUS attended the event to find out what sets Iveco’s new coach apart from that of the competition.

The first thing one notices upon seeing the new Hispano Iveco coach for the first time, is its distinctive styling. Iveco’s new luxury coach is undoubtedly a very good-looking vehicle. Its elegant and understated design results in a coach that is unique and eye-catching without being showy.

Of course, that the Hispano Iveco Divo sports a design that is unique and unusual, is hardly surprising. The body of the vehicle was devised by legendary design firm, Pininfarina; the company responsible for the creation of seminal vehicles like the Ferrari F40, Ferrari Dino and Jaguar XJ6.

The coach is also entirely constructed in Spain from components sourced from leading European suppliers like Spheros Webasto, Autobus Electrical and Hella.

“The Hispano Iveco Divo luxury coach offers excellent reliability, outstanding comfort and striking design. It is a proven model that has been running successfully across Europe and Africa for quite some time and is fully compliant with the strictest European Union regulations,” asserts Gordan Dodoja, group sales manager for the Truck Centre group.

According to Dodoja, the Divo will attract coach operators who want to combine a cutting-edge chassis with a uniquely styled body.

“I think the coach’s technical advantages, coupled with its European build quality will appeal to operators,” says Dodoja. “Also, the vehicle’s position in the market will be strengthened by a very competitive cost of ownership.”

Indeed, its Pininfarina styling isn’t all that differentiates the Divo from the competition. It also boasts several technical advancements that won’t easily be found in other coaches.

One of the Divo’s key advantages is its fuel efficiency.

“Aerodynamically, the Divo is superior to virtually every other coach on the market, due in large part to the front-end of the coach’s innovative wedged design. Better aerodynamics mean a lower fuel consumption and reduced noise levels as well, as justified by the Divo’s drag coefficient of 0.349. Moreover, the coach also has a 380 bhp Iveco engine that is very fuel efficient and assists in reducing fuel consumption,” says Dodoja.

Another advantage is the vehicle’s unique chassis design.

“Owing to its rear steering axle – something that is unusual in coach chassis design – the Divo offers excellent handling and maneuverability,” explains Dodoja. “Also, the coach has an independent front suspension that greatly increases ride comfort.”

Inside, Iveco’s new coach offers full air-conditioning; 52 luxury seats; an entertainment system consisting of a radio/CD, a DVD player and three TFT monitors; pleated side windows, modular baggage racks with integrated loudspeakers and a toilet. A multitude of other options – such as a mini kitchen, driver’s bunk, Xenon headlamps and reversing camera – are also available.

While the Divo’s European design and construction undoubtedly ensures the highest levels of quality, it does raise concerns regarding the availability and delivery of the coach. Dodoja, however, states that this will not be a problem.

“While the Divo is undoubtedly an excellent vehicle, this by itself is not enough. One has to be able to adequately support the vehicle and assist operators in maximising their uptime. Because of this we have done everything in our power to ensure that parts will be readily available, and that every coach that is ordered will be delivered within nine to 12 weeks,” concludes Dodoja.

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