Tata Super Ace ups the pace

Tata Super Ace ups the pace

The compact Tata Super Ace one-tonne cab-over pick-up, which was launched in South Africa in 2012, has benefited from no fewer than 60 specification changes with the introduction of the latest EX2 model.

“Many of these changes are under the skin, but they all contribute to a better product with markedly higher quality levels,” says Kyri Michael, the new CEO of Accordian Investments, the company in the Associated Motor Holdings division of the Imperial Group responsible for Tata cars and light commercials.

Many of the changes and quality improvements have been implemented following feedback from local customers and dealers.

Among the technical changes are: a four-layer insulation package to reduce the transmission of heat to the Tata Super Ace ups the paceoccupants in the cab; repositioned engine oil dipstick, which has resulted in an alteration to the seat design; an up-rated cooling system with a larger radiator; chrome-plated pads on the gearbox forks to ease gear shifting; a water separator added to the fuel system; and the seat belt length increased by 300 mm.

Cosmetic changes include a change in the colour of the interior trim from grey to black, while cup holders, an oddments tray on top of the engine cover and a washable floor covering have also been added.

The base DLS model is priced at R139 995 (including VAT) and the higher-spec DLE derivative is R10 000 more expensive.

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