The essence of Citroën

The essence of Citroën

Among other things, the French are known for their quirkiness. I mean, frog’s legs? This quirky nature extends to their cars as well, possibly the quirkiest of all the major French manufacturers being Citroën.

But the company is also known for something else: sophistication. Some readers may remember the DS, with its unique styling, luxury and supreme comfort; it was the epitome of Citroën. Readers may also know that in recent years the marque has resuscitated the DS as a brand almost all on its own: including the DS3, DS4 and now the DS5. This vehicle is certainly closest to the sprit of the original DS.

The DS5’s unique styling is definitely the first sign. That bullish front end, sporty rear and sleek profile combine with details such as bold strips of chrome, angular air intakes and a panoramic roof to create an utterly gorgeous silhouette. You’ll notice something else too: it’s a hatch, something one would never expect a conventional executive car to be. But then again, when does Citroën do conventional?

The cabin itself is luxurious. That three-part glass roof with individual electric blinds lets sunlight wash over the soft Bavarian leather seats (it’s a full five-seater) as you admire the ergonomics, digital instrument cluster and head-up display (standard on Sport models), among a raft of other features. Just about everything is electronic or electrically operated (while the analogue clock provides a welcome classic feel).

Supreme comfort? You bet. The DS5 rides silently and effortlessly, no doubt also helped by the three turbocharged engines on offer. Available is either a 115 kW 1,6 THP; 147 kW 1,6 THP or 120 kW 2,0 HDi, each mated to a six-speed manual gearbox.

The DS5 also has all the safety nets you would expect, accompanied by a standard three-year/100 000 km warranty and five-year/100 000 km service plan (which can both be extended). Best of all, it attracts inquisitive glances aplenty – just as a Citroën should.

Priced from just R344 900, what more could you want from an executive car?

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