The idriver of the future

The idriver of the future

In the era of modern technology anything is possible, and in keeping with the times, Renault Trucks has introduced a new smart phone application for truck drivers. Time Book for iPhone and Android is a logbook for the 21st Century and is one of the company’s eight applications for truck drivers on the move.


Time Book enables drivers to record how long they have been at the wheel and how long they have rested. Warnings are issued when maximum time limits draw near and at the end of each set period a report file is generated. The data recorded allows drivers to anticipate their situation and not exceed their daily driving hours or the permitted 56 hours maximum allowed in a single week. 

Using Time Book is simple, the driver has to select one of four icons: driving, available, short break or long break. This will start the stopwatch. At the end of each activity, they select the same button again to stop the time and then select another to indicate that a new activity is underway. The data recorded is then transferred to a virtual notebook, which lists the activity, stating the start time, end time and how long it lasted. At the end of the day or assignment, drivers can make corrections if any errors were made and this information can then be sent on to fleet managers via email.  

It was designed to make everyday assignments simpler for drivers and can be set up according to individual requirements. For example, when the authorised driving time is due to expire, drivers can choose to be warned in specific timed intervals before this occurs.

The heavy goods vehicle global positioning system application, NavTruck, also available for iPhone, can combine with Time Book to prove to be a valuable and highly complimentary tool. NavTruck displays how much time remains before the destination is reached. When the alarm sounds, drivers can easily see if they have enough time to get to the destination or if they should ask NavTruck to find a place to rest in its database. All warnings can also be muted and the application can be used just for recording purposes.

Easy to understand and use, Time Book has been designed to serve drivers so they can concentrate on driving and resting with complete piece of mind. The application is available for Android download on the Google Play website as well as on for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.   

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