The key to happiness…

The key to happiness…

Car keys, like reading glasses, tend to get lost in plain sight … sometimes, though, they get lost for good. When this happens, it can often be difficult to immediately get a replacement – especially when there’s no spare, or when the key belongs to a modern, high-tech vehicle.

Bidvest Insurance has developed Keyguard, with the aim of offering motorists complete peace of mind when it comes to their keys; whether they get lost, stolen or damaged…

Claire Brider, product manager at Bidvest Insurance, explains that many motorists don’t realise the cost implications of lost car keys. “Many motorists think that if they lose their car keys, they can pop out to the locksmith and get new keys cut for R50. That’s definitely not the case anymore! As technology of cars has developed, so, too, has the technology associated with the keys.”

Bidvest Insurance conducted market research, which revealed that a single new car key can cost anything from R3 000 to R10 000. And, if no spare is available, the vehicle’s entire lock set could need to be replaced at a cost of up to R30 000! Either way, the process could take several weeks.

Keyguard will also cover the use of a taxi or Uber, despatch a locksmith to help open the car and supply car hire while the new key is coded or a new lockset is fitted. Flatbed towing is also covered.

“Most motorists don’t just have a single car key on their keyring. Once again Bidvest Keyguard will cover the loss of home and office keys and remotes attached to the car key as well,” Birder adds.

Keyguard is available from Bidvest McCarthy dealerships countrywide for a mere R980 and provides unlimited cover for two years.

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