The supply chain of knowledge

The supply chain of knowledge

Supply chain and logistics practitioners interested in learning more about their profession will look forward to the second edition of the best-selling book Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Principles and Practices for Sustainable Operations and Management, which launches on April 3.

David Grant, lead author and Professor of Logistics at Hull University Business School, states that any cuts in logistics and supply chain management (SCM) can have wider environmental repercussions.

“Across nations and sectors, the millions spent in logistics and SCM are allocated to reduce the use of natural resources and carbon emissions. Any cuts in spending could have an impact on the environment, in addition to causing a break in the supply chain that could affect customers, reputations and profits,” Grant suggests.

The book covers the whole scope of sustainable logistics and provides a comprehensive guide to the principles and practices of sustainable logistics operations and responsible management of the entire supply chain. “Once managers understand these principles and practices they will place their companies in the bigger landscape of sustainability,” Grant says.

Joining Grant in penning the book was a team of leading academics; including Alexander Trautrims, lecturer in Supply Chain and Operations Management at Nottingham University Business School, United Kingdom (UK), and Professor Chee Yew Wong, chair of Supply Chain Management at Leeds University Business School, UK.

“It is a great reference for both practitioners and academics who are trying to move toward operating sustainable supply chains,” suggests Dale Rogers, Professor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Arizona State University, while Craig Carter, Professor of Supply Chain Management, states: “The book is an excellent overview of sustainable supply chain management.”

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