The UD Trucks era beckons

The UD Trucks era beckons

As of 8 September, Nissan Diesel South Africa will be known as UD Trucks Southern Africa. The implementation of the new name and brand will be rolled out to the company’s dealer network across the Southern African region during the next eight months.

“As we enter this new era in our company’s history, we believe that evolving to UD Trucks provides the company with a clear vision and dedicated path going into the future – matching customer business insight with the global expertise that will provide a platform for success,” said Johan Richards, chief executive of Nissan Diesel South Africa. 

Part of the company’s vision will continue to focus on Ultimate Dependability – a message that has become part of the company’s DNA and the way the company’s customers relate to their services and products.

Richards believes that even though the company has a new name, customers can expect the same professional, dependable and passionate dealer network that remains focused on world-class service delivery.

“With more than four decades of specialised industry knowledge, the people at UD Trucks are committed to making our customers’ businesses a success,” stated Richards.

The UD Trucks era beckonsExtensive research by Nissan Diesel has revealed that customers are increasingly looking for a truck provider that can be a true professional partner, which continuously develops products and services to better meet their business needs.  The company is therefore committed to continue building closer professional relationships with their customers, and offering dependable transport solutions. 

UD Trucks has always adopted an evolutionary rather than a revolutionary approach in their dealings with their customers.  As a result, the company remains committed to provide products and services that are not only of world-class standards, but are appropriate to the local environment and operating conditions. 

“As we are entering a new era, the company will continue to adapt to the changing needs of our customers and deliver services and products that go beyond the expected. Built on a passion for engineering, reliability and customer relations, we believe that UD Trucks offers a competitive edge in challenging market and operating conditions,” said Richards.

Expansion into Africa
Signalling more than just a name change, in February UD Trucks Southern Africa also took responsibility for 20 countries across the region, and has already made strong inroads in these markets. In the process, UD Trucks Southern Africa has strengthened its position as South Africa’s leading truck exporter.

“As we are actively developing and strengthening our footprint across the region, we believe the quality of our dealerships and the level of sustainable support we provide in these countries are the key driving force behind our successful sales performance so far this year,” said Richards.

UD Trucks already has dealers in Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Seychelles, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is currently investigating a number of opportunities for further expansion across the region.

“We don’t believe in merely ‘dumping’ sub-standard products and services in Africa. We are in effect mirroring the The UD Trucks era beckonsactivities and services we provide to local South African dealerships, to efficiently support our dealers and customers in sub-Saharan Africa,” said Richards.

Extensive research by the company’s corporate and product-planning division also ensures that the right markets are reached with the appropriate products, technology and support. 

Commitment to Service Delivery
UD Trucks and its dealers remain committed to providing their customers with innovative transport solutions and service offerings, built on trust, in-depth industry knowledge and a strong technical skills set.

The company also has a dedicated centralised call centre that operates 24/7 to facilitate roadside and emergency assistance to customers all across South Africa.

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