Those magnificent men and their one-wheeled machine

Those magnificent men and their one-wheeled machines

If, like me, you found yourself watching Hanna-Barbera cartoons as a youngster, the chances are one of your favourite 20-minute segments was the slapstick laws-of-physics-defying Wacky Races.

Looking like some contraption-o-matic developed by Dastardly and Mutley, the Ryno motorised unicycle is one of the latest, wackiest and probably coolest personal transport vehicles to come around in a long time – and it still manages to adhere to the laws of physics.

Developed by engineer Chris Hoffman, after his daughter asked him if he could make a one-wheeled motorcycle, the Ryno keeps itself upright on a set of gyroscopes and has a strong chance of kicking the Segway out of its own niche market.

With a top speed of 20 km/h, the Ryno is small enough to clamp to the lamp post next the local Spar, or take with you on the Gautrain.

Let’s hope that one gets a pencil moustache, scarf and WWII pilot goggles with every purchase.

Have a look at this head-turning gizmo here.

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