Time to say goodbye

Time to say goodbye

One of the coolest vehicles on the planet – ever – is about to go to the big automotive parking lot in the sky.

We are referring to the iconic Volkswagen Kombi which, incidentally, is the longest produced model in automotive history (it has been manufactured in Brazil since September 2, 1957). It has been around internationally since November 12, 1949, when Heinz Nordoff, chief executive of Volkswagen, presented the world with the first Kombi (although it was called the Volkswagen Transporter back then). With its engine in the rear and passengers placed up front over the axle, the payload was perfectly balanced between the axles. Mechanically, the Transporter/Kombi was basically the same as the Beetle up to 1970, sharing many sets of parts, which kept costs down.

Production of the Kombi in Germany stopped in 1979, replacing it with the newer, squarer, Microbus-shaped Caravelle and third-generation Transporters. However countries such as Mexico and Brazil continued to produce the much-loved bulbous Kombi.

But that was then. Fast forward a number of decades and Volkswagen do Brasil has announced the end of Kombi production in Brazil. But the good news is that it ain’t dead and buried just yet – in a final tribute to this much-loved vehicle, Volkswagen will produce the Kombi Last Edition.

These vehicles will no doubt be snapped up by avid collectors; only 600 will be produced and they will all boast a special numbered identification plaque on the dashboard.

The Kombi Last Edition also features exclusive body paint, luxury internal finishing and design elements, which pay tribute to the many versions made in Brazil since 1957. Special design details such as whitewall tyres, white centre wheel caps and tinted rear windows provide an extra touch of nostalgia.

Inside, the Volkswagen Kombi Last Edition features distinctive blue fabric curtains in the side and rear windows and curtain fasteners bear the “Kombi” logo, a feature typical of the model’s top versions from the 1960s and 70s.

The seats come in special vinyl upholstery, with sides in Atlanta Blue and a matching two-tone centre (blue and white). The Kombi Last Edition can seat up to nine people.

Each Kombi Last Edition will come with a special certificate of authenticity. 

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