Trailers and tracking for Truck Test

Trailers and tracking for Truck Test

Two long-standing Truck Test partners – trailer manufacturer, Afrit, and fleet-management services provider, Ctrack – are once again throwing their weight behind the event

Eugene van Niekerk, national business development manager, Ctrack Fleet Management SA, describes the way Truck Test has evolved, to a tee: “The Truck Test is a well-known event for the trucking industry and provides a platform for objective, real-world information,” he says.

Beyond this there are, of course, certain benefits that the likes of Ctrack and Afrit enjoy … as do the participants – brand exposure and being able to show that your products can “walk the talk” are major drawcards.

“Ctrack is proud to be part of Truck Test, because it provides us with a platform to showcase our technology and provide valuable information and real-time visibility to all participants on the progress of the event,” Van Niekerk explains.

Tjaart van der Walt, branch manager at Afrit, agrees: “It’s a great opportunity to show why we believe Afrit is one of the leading manufacturers of quality, lightweight commercial trailers that deliver the best payload, no matter what the application,” he says.

Ctrack will again install its proven Solo technology platform in all the participating vehicles – which will allow accurate recording of all measured parameters. The company will also provide mobile visibility to all the participants, via their mobile phones or tablets, for easy access to vehicle information.

For Afrit, the event allows it the opportunity to put its newly launched T6 Tautliner to the test.

“This trailer has some of the most-advanced, innovative features and world-class equipment,” says Van der Walt. “The new T6 Tautliner interlink offers customers an advanced vehicle that will improve productivity and minimise downtime.”

Some of its key features include:

• A newly designed leader chassis;

• Upgraded top structure;

• Advanced powder-coated, clamp-on equipment;

• Improved air and electric systems;

• Tube light box on the leader and follower trailer; and

• Deck options of Domex steel, Wisa wire plywood and aluminium.

The second option that will be available to the original equipment manufacturers will be Afrit’s new F6 Flatdeck.

“The F6 Flatdeck has the same chassis and key features of the T6 Tautliner; which makes it lightweight and sustainable. This will ensure the customer’s business stays at the top of its game,” van der Walt notes.

The reason Afrit has chosen to supply these particular vehicles extends beyond just showing off its latest and greatest, though. Simply put, both trailers can be loaded and offloaded quickly and easily with a forklift or crane, and carry the maximum payload within legal parameters.

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