Truck Test 2012 draws near

Truck Test 2012

Our massive Truck Test – the trucking event of the year – is just two months away! When we held a lunch in Johannesburg to brief participants and sponsors, a sense of excitement had already taken hold …

It’s a case of go, go, go! We’ve received massive support for Truck Test 2012 – organised by FOCUS magazine and Hellberg Transport Management (HTM), with fuel sponsored by Engen and tracking equipment by Ctrack.

The test will coincide with the 2012 RFA Conference taking place at Zimbali on the KwaZulu-Natal North Coast from Sunday, May 20, to Tuesday, May 22. The trucks will leave Johannesburg on Saturday, May 19, and return from Ballito on Tuesday, May 22.

The team from MAN Truck & Bus – Livingstone Mulaudzi, Marja Brunninger and Naseera Barradeen (right), with Margaret Phillipson and Emma Bowden from FOCUS.Only 6×4 prime movers coupled to semi-, drawbar- or interlink trailers will participate this year. Each entrant will decide on the configuration of their choice and supply the whole rig complete with a load. The vehicles/rigs will be standard off-the-shelf units, and fully legal.

The starting point will be Anderson Transport in Wadeville, and the run will end at Ballito Convenience Centre. Stops in between will be at Engen Harrismith, Engen Ladysmith and Engen Cato Ridge. Stops on the return run will be in the reverse sequence. The one-way distance is 596 km.

Importantly, the test will not be run as a competition but as a demonstration of the vehicles’ capability. Fuel consumption, trip times and productivity will be compared to theoretical results calculated on HTM’s TransSolve software.

The people who started it all –  (from left): Fritz Hellberg, FOCUS editor Charleen Clarke and publisher Tina Monteiro, with Engen’s Karen Smith and Lindsay Bassett.The results of the down run will be announced at the RFA Conference (specifically at a function at King Shaka International Airport on Monday, May 21). Part of this event will be a fabulous parade of honour of all participating vehicles, held in full view of the conference delegates! The results of the complete run will be published in the June and July issues of FOCUS magazine – and we know these will be the most-read issues of the year!

Optimism reigns supreme!
A huge amount of optimism surrounds Truck Test 2012, with truck manufacturers and distributors unanimous in their belief that their products will perform well.

“International Trucks is very pleased to have the opportunity to participate in Truck Test 2012,” says John Barnett, dealer development manager for NC2 Trucks Southern Africa, which manufactures and markets the marque in South Africa. “We feel it will give us excellent exposure in the media through FOCUS, and also to delegates at the forthcoming RFA Conference at Zimbali. We’re looking forward to the test and are confident that both our vehicles will perform extremely well.”

Jeandre Koen and Alec Mack of Scania Southern Africa believe the R620 will be one of the quickest on the route due to its superior power.Jeandre Koen, sales and marketing manager at Scania Southern Africa, believes Scania will also get positive exposure from the test. “We’re confident that both our vehicles will be right up there when it comes to fuel consumption,” he says, adding that Scania believes its R620 will be one of the quickest on the route due to its superior power. “We like to believe that the truck test will give the audience a very good idea of what is available out in the market and how they compare.”

Marja Brunninger, marketing communications manager at MAN Truck & Bus, says Truck Test 2012 fits well with the broader “Consistently Efficient” theme of MAN SA. “Customers realise the need for fuel efficient trucks that impact on overall total cost of ownership,” she says. “And this is an opportunity for us to validate our customers’ experiences in the real-life trucking environment.”

She adds that MAN is committed to reducing the world’s carbon footprint both in the short and long term by providing one of the most fuel efficient trucks on the market. “The test is an ideal platform for setting industry’s ‘best practice’ and demonstrating the long-haul transport solutions available.”

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