UD Trucks Southern Africa – Going the Extra Mile

UD Trucks Southern Africa – Going the Extra Mile

As one of the region’s leading truck manufacturers, UD Trucks Southern Africa is driven by its vision of being professional, passionate and dependable in everything it does.

UD Trucks forms part of one of the world’s largest trucking groups, and the local operation is the brand’s largest market outside of Japan, signifying its strategic importance in the southern African region.

For more than 52 years, UD Trucks has produced legendary trucks that have built an outstanding reputation in the local transport industry. This is mainly due to the vehicles’ unrelenting reliability, versatile performance and suitability to the region’s road and operating conditions.

“The future plans of UD Trucks are all about enhancing our customers’ transport and service experience with us. We are committed to supporting our customers in a smart and modern way, and going the extra mile in everything we do,” says Rory Schulz, managing director of UD Trucks Southern Africa.

Dealers you can depend on – across southern Africa

UD Trucks’ extensive dealer network remains committed to providing customers with innovative transport solutions and service offerings, built on trust, in-depth industry knowledge and a strong technical skills set.

The 65 UD Trucks dealers across southern and eastern Africa are always
ready to support customers with manufacturer-endorsed sales, service, parts, as well as financial and fleet solutions.

Represented all along the major routes and trade corridors across the region, UD Trucks Southern Africa is able to provide a speedy response, quality technical advice and service, as well as ultimately dependable trucks that get the job done.

“This vast coverage means that fleet owners can get complete support from UD Trucks, no matter where they operate in the region,” says Schulz.

Business value that goes beyond the expected

UD Trucks Southern Africa also has a dedicated centralised call centre that operates 24-hours a day to facilitate roadside and emergency assistance to customers all across South Africa. The company also offers a host of value-added products and services to fulfil all of its customers’ business requirements – from the day of purchase and throughout a vehicle’s lifespan.

UD Trucks has a proud after-sales care record, as a result of a commitment to consistently improve product and customer support, ensuring the best possible vehicle availability and utilisation. The efficient and timely supply of quality parts remains one of the company’s main priorities.

By combining the power of the company’s Japanese heritage of quality engineering and manufacturing, and the global strength, modernity and resources of one of the world’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers, with local expertise, skills and support, UD Trucks is in a unique position to offer customers transport solutions for the here and now.

Legendary trucks, smart modern technology

Through a pioneering spirit, ground-breaking engineering and a customer-centric approach, UD Trucks applies the expertise amassed in the diesel engine field to produce trucks that are comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly.

Although UD trucks are made for Africa – tough, hard-working and dependable – they are also equipped with modern equipment and technology to ensure the best possible lifecycle costs for customers.


UD Trucks’ HCV trucks are geared to achieve excellent fuel consumption and gradeability, ensuring that a high average speed is attained to boost productivity.

The UD 60 to UD 100 range provides transport solutions for nominal payloads from six to approximately 11 t. The optimised wheelbases make them ideal for a range of applications; which include freight carriers that can be fitted with virtually any rear body, a dedicated tipper as well as conversions to truck tractors.

The high specification, inherent strength and minimalist approach of the UD Trucks HCV engine range, proven through extensive testing, make them ideal trucks for work.



Quester – Made to go the extra mile

The soon-to-be-launched UD Trucks Quester range is the first of a new generation of UD Trucks, specifically developed for the world of extra-heavy transport. It is derived from a combination of the company’s Japanese quality heritage and insights from the local market.

“UD Trucks is passionate about making the working day of fleet owners more simple and productive. Whatever your line of business, whether it’s long haulage, distribution, construction or mining, we have a complete transport solution for you. Quester is UD’s most cost-efficient truck ever,” explains Schulz. “It cuts fuel costs and maximises uptime, giving you quick, dependable payback that will help you succeed in your business.”

Quon – Moving you forward

Quon leads the way with its driveability and overall efficiency, maintaining the company’s commitment to providing transport operators with the lowest possible lifecycle costs.

The Quon has been designed to offer operators a premium level of lifecycle care for economical operation, driver safety, driver comfort, Japanese quality and durability – all backed by easy maintenance.

A selection of manual and automatic transmissions has been employed across the range to suit a variety of applications. It offers both power and economy in a wide variety of driving scenarios by increasing driving performance at low speeds at time of start, and reducing engine speeds in high gear at cruising speeds.

UD Trucks has refined the Quon range with one key ambition: to deliver maximum transport efficiency.

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