Upgrading schools for better education

Upgrading schools for better education

Combined Motor Holdings (CMH) CEO, Jebb McIntosh, says: “We strongly believe that the future of every company in the country, including CMH, lies in the hands of our children. Without proper education, this will not be possible. Through our Adopt-A-School project we hope to equip our youth with the necessary skills to succeed in the workplace.”

CMH embarked on this project in 2012 with the aim of significantly upgrading selected schools in rural areas. The Kwamakhuta Comprehensive High School, located south of Durban in KwaZulu-Natal, was identified as the first beneficiary.

CMH has thus far contributed more than R250 000 to upgrade facilities at the school. “We asked every employee of CMH and its First Car Rental subsidiary to participate and contribute to this cause,” says McIntosh. The total cost to complete the project will be R400 000.

After consulting the principal and the head of the technical department, CMH and First Car Rental staff began by assisting the school to buy new teaching aids and technical apparatus. The duo also sponsored sports gear for the school’s three soccer teams.

Pupils and teachers got involved by gutting the existing science laboratory and removing the damaged equipment. Substantial structural work was then undertaken, including combining two small classrooms into one large one, re-levelling the floor, repairing damaged windows, installing an insulated ceiling and installing plumbing and gas supplies for a science laboratory.

To date, all work has been completed, with only new furniture and laboratory equipment still needed for the lab to function effectively. This brings CMH close to achieving its goal of giving the Kwamakhuta students the education they deserve.

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