VDL goes Euro 6 with Cummins

VDL goes Euro 6 with Cummins

Amongst a spate of recent European orders, FRANK BEETON uncovers an interesting development at VDL Bus and Coach.

The bus chassis manufacturing division of VDL Bus and Coach NV of Eindhoven, The Netherlands, first came into being in 1993, when it absorbed the formerly spun-off bus operation of DAF, the European truck specialist manufacturer within the Paccar group.

In the interim, most VDL buses and coaches have been equipped with DAF-sourced engines and major components as standard equipment. However, a recent overseas media report has alerted us to a change in the status quo.

During January and February, VDL supplied 19 Citea LLE-120 integral city buses to a Finnish operator, equipped with Cummins ISB 6,7-litre Euro-6 diesel engines. In April, a Belgian operator ordered 120 Citea SLF-120 Hybrid buses, powered by the Cummins ISB 4,5-litre engine, coupled to Siemens series hybrid systems.

Most recently, Berlin Transport Authority, in Germany, has reportedly placed an order for 236 Cummins-powered VDL Citea buses. We have also noted, however, that the Citea range can be supplied with a Cursor nine-litre engine from Fiat Powertrain Technologies, if a larger displacement option, than those available from within the Cummins ISB family, is required.

The reason for VDL’s switch from DAF power is reported as the non-availability of the latter’s 9,2-litre PR engine in Euro-6 format. DAF’s Euro-6 power units for its own products will include the Paccar 10,8 and 12,9-litre MX series, and smaller displacement Paccar-badged Cummins units.

Paccar’s own use of Cummins-sourced engines for its lighter truck ranges adds further credence to VDL’s new direction. VDL will, however, remain with DAF power in its coach range, using the new 10,8-litre Paccar MX-11 engine.

It seems likely that the self-supporting VDL chassis supplied to the South African market will also follow this route once the appropriate fuel quality becomes available locally.

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