Volvo aims to build the future

Volvo aims to build the future

Many companies use the IAA as a launch pad for new products. This year was no exception for Volvo Trucks as the FMX range, aimed specifically at the global construction industry, was revealed.

Volvo’s very successful FM platform, which is well proven in demanding construction applications, particularly in the Nordic markets, Russia and Eastern Europe, has formed the basis for this new FMX range. Of particular interest is that the FMX range is now also available in South Africa (it was launched as this issue of FOCUS went to print).

Volvo Trucks has gone on the offensive to grow its construction business significantly, and the new, rugged FMX sends a strong signal of Volvo’s ambition and will pave the way forward. “Today, Volvo Trucks has a leading position within long haul. But we also aim to take a leading position in the construction segment,” says Staffan Jufors, president and CEO of Volvo Trucks.

Volvo has taken the FM, a very successful and well-proven construction truck in its own right, and developed it further to be even better. The celebrated driveline from the current FM platform stays intact, and feedback from drivers provided the inspiration for many of the innovative features on the new Volvo FMX.

The impressive transformation includes many new features. For example: a rugged exterior and powerful stance, durable headlights, a central towing device, a new ladder and grab handle, and a load sensor that sends load weight information to the optimised I-Shift gearbox for a smooth gear sequence.

Bringing both truck and construction equipment manufacturing operations under the same roof, places the Volvo Group in a strong position as the company aims to expand its well-established business within the construction segment.

“Together with Volvo Construction Equipment we have the most comprehensive product offering in the construction segment,” claims Jufors. “We can provide a total solution for on and off-road construction work and have vast experience meeting our customers’ needs. We want to leverage on this advantage to grow our business and reaffirm our commitment to providing even better support for our customers’ operations. We see huge potential.”

Volvo aims to build the futureVolvo has established a strong position in the construction segment with the previous FM range. With the new purpose-built FMX and Volvo’s committed, optimised support for construction operations, the company’s aim is to significantly grow its share in this sphere of business.

The most obvious change with the new, high-clearance Volvo FMX is its robust, modern exterior. With a new upper grille, aggressive lower front, three-part steel bumper with 3 mm thick steel corners, rugged skid plate and protective bull bar, this is a tough construction truck. For additional functionality, the Volvo FMX also features a powerful tow hook, headlamp mesh protection, new anti-slip steps and a convenient ladder – just to name a few examples.

“A quick glance at this truck and its powerful stance immediately reveals the close connection between Volvo Trucks and our sister-company, Volvo Construction Equipment – among the world leaders in dumpers, excavators and wheel-loaders,” says Jufors. “The new Volvo FMX literally breathes construction – reflecting its capabilities, inside and out.”

Operators and drivers can look forward to exceptional driveline performance based on the power and efficiency of the 11-litre engine (246 kW/330 hp to 336 kW/450 hp) or the 13-litre engine (283 kW/380 hp to 373 kW/500 hp). The recently updated construction version of the I-Shift gearbox makes it possible to “rock free” from almost any situation. In addition, a new load sensor sends precise load weight information to the I-Shift for an optimal gear sequence and smooth gear start. Massive braking power, 375 kW/503 hp at 2 300 r/min, is provided by Volvo Engine Brake Plus.

“This is the perfect construction truck – and our customers have largely driven its development,” says Jufors. “With all the improvements in the Volvo FMX, combined with the development of a strong service offering for the construction business, we hope that our existing customers will become even more satisfied. We also have high expectations that this new truck and our unique total offer for the construction segment will attract many new customers.”

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