Wabco is dead, long live Wabco

Wabco is dead, long live Wabco

Wabco Holdings has acquired the remaining 51-percent share of its South African partnership with Sturrock and Robson Industries. The two companies have formally operated in South Africa since 1995, but the relationship between them goes back nearly 40 years.  

Wabco will now create a wholly owned business – Wabco South Africa.

The move will enable the company to introduce its extended global portfolio and recently acquired product lines (including driver assistance, braking, stability control, suspension, transmission automation and aerodynamics systems) to the sub-Saharan region. This will be done through Wabco South Africa’s wholly owned distribution centre near Johannesburg.

“Wabco’s customers in South Africa and neighbouring countries already include the region’s top-five trailer manufacturers, a strong aftermarket network and a wide range of commercial vehicle original equipment manufacturers.

“With more than 25 years of local experience, a strong leadership team and now a fully owned operation, Wabco is positioned as a highly attractive partner to these big players as they seek to grow their own businesses in the sub-Saharan markets,” says Nick Rens, president trailer, aftermarket and off-highway division at Wabco.

The current management team, led by Enoch Silcock, remains unchanged, while 46 new staff members will join Wabco South Africa as part of the transition. The organisation will be integrated into Wabco’s trailer systems, off-highway and aftermarket division.

“The transition from a partnership to a wholly owned operation in South Africa underpins our strategic plan to consolidate Wabco’s presence across the African continent and leverage the many opportunities in those markets.

“Wabco now serves the whole of Africa via wholly owned operations. The company provides global resources and local expertise to both local and international customers, including fleet operators, enabling continued growth in the region,” he concludes.

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