We are all going to die!

We are all going to die!

Life is filled with so many uncertainties. But one fact remains: none of us will end our time on earth alive. That’s the bad news. However, the good news is that you can get carried to your final resting place in style – thanks to Avbob, a billion-rand burial society, and MiX Telematics.

But, for Avbob, managing its 1000-strong fleet proved to be an onerous task. The main challenge the company faced was the inability to track its nationwide fleet on various assignments – especially those operating in remote and rural areas.

The fleet’s running costs were also deemed too high, so the business identified a need to monitor driver behaviour, speeding as well as unexplained idling of vehicles – which was all affecting Avbob’s bottom line.

Enter MiX Telematics, which offered a solution with its fleet management products. Avbob decided to invest in MiX Telematics’ on-board computer called FM Tracer, and the online tracking and information portal called FM-Web. Now the burial society is able to track and achieve savings by receiving information on key performance areas. These include driving hours, driver identity, fuel usage, distances travelled, locations visited, routes taken, trip duration and driving speed.

The system also allows Avbob to monitor defined events, such as harsh braking and acceleration, high-revving, excessive idling, over-speeding, door-open and night-time driving – which can be used to reduce the general misuse of the company’s vehicles.

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