War of the one wheelers

War of the one wheelers

Last week we featured the wacky and indisputably cool Ryno motorised unicycle.

Well folks, it would appear that it isn’t the only product in the mono-wheeled market.

Decidedly more Zen in its design, the SBU V3 is an electric, self-balancing unicycle. Created by United States-based Focus Designs, this neat little gizmo weighs about 12 kg, has a top speed of roughly 15 km/h, and runs on a brushless DC motor.

The SBU V3 uses the rider’s balance to steer in the exactly the same way as a regular unicycle, but utilises a gyroscopic system to stay upright, thus helping regular folk not to make clowns of themselves.

Focus Designs claims that it takes only 20 minutes to learn how to steer this one-wheeled electric wonder. And, by utilising some patented features such as Turn Assist, and Smart Senses, the SBU promises to be an easy and nifty way to commute from one’s workplace to the train station.

I would, however, donate to charity any clown make-up kits and green afro wigs that may be included in the purchase of the SBU V3.

Check out this light commuter here.

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