What does it mean to be an e-tag user?

What does it mean to be an e-tag user?

The nitty-gritty of the contentious e-tolling system is now available for comment, as the draft gazettes for the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project toll roads have officially been published. The gazettes are available on the Alta Swanepoel and Associates website (www.altaswanepoel.co.za) under presentations.

The gazettes will clarify the toll, e-tag and alternate user tariffs for all the gantries on the Gauteng Freeway system including the most dreaded of them all: conditions for payment. These are gazette 35755 and 35756 of October 25.

Two gazettes on categories of users who will be exempt from payment have additionally been released, in combination with the regulations on how to apply for exemptions. However, Sanral clearly states that it may only exempt categories of users in terms of the Sanral Act.

The Transport Laws and General Matters Amendment Bill, published on August 15, which amends the Sanral and Cross-border Road Transport Act is also out for comment and is available on the website.

The 20th draft amendment on the Road Traffic Regulations containing the consignor legislation, driving hours and periodical re-testing for vehicles of 10 years and older, has not yet been published as a final document.

Any comments made by the public must be sent to the persons as listed in the various gazettes and not to the Alta Swanepoel and Associates office.

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