When the board takes a summer escape

When the board takes a summer escape

FLORIAN ENGEL, from Austria’s 1TRUCK magazine, heads to the Austrian Alps with two distant cousins for a very different comparative test – the Scania S730 V8 meets the Bentley Bentayga V8 Diesel

Just like the emperors of former ages, we rekindle the tradition of summer vacations in the mountains with this truly refreshing comparison test. What was good enough for kings and queens is perfect for the “King of the Road” – and its duel with the most powerful European diesel SUV…

We invited the Scania S730, 2017 Truck of the Year, and its “cousin” (both brands are owned by the Volkswagen Group – ed.) the Bentley Bentayga Diesel, to the famous ski resort Kitzbühel for a big showdown!

The picturesque scenery, with giant mountains, bright sunshine and pure white clouds promises a great day for this ambitious event. When we look more closely, the two rivals aren’t that different.

When the board takes a summer escapeV8-hearts

Both the candidates bring a big V8 engine to the duel. For Scania, it is the absolute unique selling proposition. With the epic power of 537 kW and 3 500 Nm of torque, the big Swede is taking the lead over Bentley.

At least the distinguished Brit is – together with another relative, the Audi SQ7 – the most powerful SUV on sale today. The big difference between these two engines is the size. While each pot is half a litre in size, the volume of each Scania cylinder is multiplied by four.

The relatively “small” 4,0-litre V8 in the Bentley generates 320 kW and a tremendous 900 Nm of torque. It’s also really stunning to realise a parallel in the characteristics of the engines: both deliver their maximum torque as early as
1 000 r/min.

To reach these figures, the Scania engine needs only one turbocharger, while the Bentley gets two variable units and one additional electric compressor to avoid any turbo lag.

Lounge feeling

When the board takes a summer escapeA big surprise awaits us in the interiors. In recent months there has been a lot of talk about this new era in truck design, and the excellent workmanship of the new Scania cockpit and cabin. Compared directly to the most luxurious SUV in the world, the similarities of opulence are truly amazing…

One of Bentley’s core values is, of course, its rich heritage in craftsmanship. Only the finest leather, wood, aluminium and steel are arranged like a suite of the famous German-British composer George Frideric Handel.

Most of the components, such as the steering wheel, are covered with leather by hand – and even the contrast stitching is still handcrafted.

The great variety of woodwork is also handcrafted in the Bentley-owned carpentry in its hometown Crewe, England. Elegant chrome and aluminium details complete the overall picture.

Highlights are the aluminium rings around the air deflectors, which are milled out of a solid block like their valve optic control levers. Together with the massive ashtrays and the beautiful analogue dashboard clock, these are heart-warming tributes to the rich Bentley history.

When the board takes a summer escapeThere is one option on the list of extras. For real enthusiasts, Bentley, together with long-term partner Breitling, offers a mechanical timepiece with automated tourbillon movement instead of the standard dashboard clock. There is only one catch; the price tag of the Bentayga rises by €150 000 – or 50 percent!

It wouldn’t be a Bentley if the comfort of passengers wasn’t emphasised. The two electric seats in the second row can be perfectly adjusted to the personal needs of the occupants and offer extra comfort through heating, cooling and massage functions. Two tablets offer all modern communication and information needs. A “mirror app” replaces the traditional makeup mirror…

Faithful servants

Even though it is very unlikely that someone will venture off road with a €300 000 (R4 720 050) SUV, the Bentayga is well equipped for the adventure. Up to eight driving programs are available and the air suspension offers the perfect comfort and variable ground clearance for any need – just like in the Scania S730.

When the board takes a summer escapeOn the winding, and sometimes challenging, mountain roads around Kitzbühel, the Bentley offers decent sportiness despite its kerb weight of 2 500 kg. Thanks to active roll stabilisation, it never feels like a motor yacht in fast corners.

To celebrate the journey, Bentley offers a comfortable picnic bench that unfolds out of the huge trunk. For the complementary culinary delights, a special picnic box by Mulliner can be ordered.

Ultimate benchmark

With the classic features like a fridge, coffee machine or microwave, the Scania S730 outshines the Bentley in this challenge with ease.

Even though you cannot order a €150 000 clock for the Scania dashboard, with many new features within the cockpit, especially the deep black high-gloss instrument panel, the Scania sets a new benchmark in the truck industry. Like the Bentley, the Scania offers a huge digital display between the main dials.

Leather applications with a contrasting seam are standard for the interior of the strongest V8. Scania is really not shy to show off the V8 logo all over the truck. In comparison, the embossed logos on the headrests are another link to the Bentayga with its stiched “Flying B”.

When the board takes a summer escapeThe tech and safety features on both vehicles don’t have to be listed in detail. Except for one – the Bentley doesn’t offer a GPS-guided cruise control.

Subtle difference

Besides the payload, among all the commonalities there is one big difference. With a price tag of €300 000 the Bentley is approximately double the price of the Scania S730 tractor – and this with the ridiculously low weight of only 2 499 kg!

Anyway, we definitely wouldn’t reject either of these two in our fleet.


Scania S730
Engine: eight cylinders – 16,4 l
Power: 537 kW (730 hp)
Torque: 3 500 Nm at 1 000 r/min
Acceleration: N/A
Maximum speed: 90 km/h
Gears: 12
Weight: 8 048 kg

Bentley Bentayga Diesel
Engine: eight cylinders – 4,0 l
Power: 320 kW (435 hp)
Torque: 900 Nm at 1 000 r/min
Acceleration: 4,8 sec
Maximum speed: 270 km/h
Gears: 8
Weight: 2 499 kg


As regular readers of FOCUS know, this magazine has been appointed an associate member of the International Truck of the Year (IToY)! FOCUS is the sole South African magazine to have joined this prestigious body. One of the advantages of this association is access to exclusive articles, specially written for FOCUS by ITOY jury members. This is one such article.

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