Your truck on your wrist

Your truck on your wrist

Scania knows that the serious transport operator will always place time, efficiency and safety above all else – so it has launched a serious piece of kit to make a Scania driver’s job that much easier …

It’s as unassuming and classically elegant as something you might expect to see adorning the wrist of a certain suave British secret agent, but, like a piece of Q-Branch kit, the Scania Watch opens up a whole world of possibilities.
Based on the Sony SmartWatch 3, the Scania Watch uses an Android phone and Scania’s unique FMS integration to connect the wearer and his or her truck, putting essential information from the vehicle directly on their wrist.
This includes instant overviews of the current fuel and AdBlue levels, as well as current average fuel consumption, which is contrasted with the average from the previous seven days; a driving support score, that analyses and scores driving behaviour over time to help increase driving efficiency; and transport metrics covering average distance, speed, trend analysis as well as data about current and weekly transport work.

It can also receive notifications about incoming emails, text messages and calls. “We wanted to develop a technical solution that makes the Scania Watch a real support for drivers. Today’s apps such as fleet management, logistics and vehicle management are directed primarily at fleets. With Scania Watch, we take the technology one step further and allow the watch to support the driver in his or her daily work,” says Scania project manager, Jonas Svanholm.

To top it all off, the “Black Griffin” early access edition of the Scania Watch is limited to 999 pieces, adorned with the black griffin aesthetic and with the unique piece number engraved on the back.
Who says truckers aren’t as cool as secret agents?

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