Advertising down to an art

Advertising down to an art

If a picture is worth a thousand words, Bandag is writing a novel with its latest advertising campaign – which the company is taking to the South African roads.

And it isn’t the usual stuff you’ll find out there – no images of shoes or tomatoes, or even a tyre for that matter … No, the company is branding trucks with its hand-made rubber shark, as it believes this makes a bolder statement and offers a visual declaration that will catch the attention of many road users, intriguing them to take a closer look.

The message? “Bandag’s Emergency Tyre Assistance (ETA) won’t leave you dead in the water … .”

It’s fitting, as ETA offers 24/7, on-the-road tyre assistance on a national basis, as well as SMS notifications, next day reports, and detailed monthly reports.

So don’t be startled if you’re sitting dazed in traffic and a shark pulls up next to you … It isn’t Jaws, it’s that friendly one from the movie Finding Nemo, which won’t leave you dead in the water.

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