Spreading some warmth

Spreading some warmth

As South Africans brace themselves for a bitterly cold winter and looming electricity blackouts, Nissan South Africa’s employees have joined forces with the company to demonstrate their generous spirit by donating blankets to the less privileged.

Nissan distributed 300 blankets to institutions caring for the young and the elderly around the company’s manufacturing plant headquarters in Rosslyn. “For Nissan SA, the blanket drive occupies a special place in our corporate responsibility programme,” says corporate affairs director Wonga Mesatywa, “not least because our employees are so determined to help people in need among their own communities.”

And thanks to their generosity the inhabitants of Bathusi Care Centre, Direlang Community Project, Child Soul Care, Jehovah Jireh Orphanage and Ditlou Day Care Centre will definitely sleep a bit easier this winter.

Lizzy Molokomme, project manager of Bathusi Care Centre for the aged, expressed the organisation’s gratitude: “The building that houses our elderly residents is big with a corrugated zinc roof – so it gets very cold in winter, especially for four of our grannies currently sleeping on the floor.”

Phinah Kgosana, senior social worker at Child Soul Care, which looks after orphaned and abused boys, many of whom have been rescued from the street, was equally appreciative: “The blankets bring warmth to the children in need and at risk. We regard Nissan staff as family because they show they care.”

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