An exercise in evolution

An exercise in evolution

By the time you read this, Iveco will be just about ready to take the wraps off its all-new Eurocargo. Here’s what to expect

The evolution of the Iveco range has been completed. Following the Stralis and the Daily, the new Eurocargo offers customers important innovations in terms of engines, safety, comfort, cost reduction and environmental sustainability.

As the market leader in Europe, the new model is designed to be the ideal partner for urban operations. Featuring all-new functionality and design, Iveco says it offers lower fuel consumption while confirming its super and steady handling and versatility.

“Our new Eurocargo is the truck that the city likes,” says Iveco brand president, Pierre Lahutte. “It’s a vehicle that has something to be liked by everyone: cities like it because it is sustainable; owners like it because it is efficient and has a low total cost of ownership; drivers like it because it’s a true ‘office on wheels’ – comfortable and multi-functional, easy to handle featuring good ergonomics.”

Immediately distinguishable by its entirely new design, the Eurocargo reflects the company’s design style pioneered by the light-duty Daily. Key features are the new air deflectors and the new front grille, which traces a bold line to accentuate the brand name at its centre. LED daytime running lights have been adopted as standard (Xenon headlights are also available on request).

Iveco knows that vehicles such as the Eurocargo are used mainly for urban distribution and municipal services, and so priority was given to improving performance and reducing fuel consumption.

The bold new grille gives the new Eurocargo an unmistakable visage.Eight engine options are available, including two new Tector 5 four-cylinder engines of 119 and 141 kW (160 and 190 hp). These are optimised to suit the typical conditions of urban operation.

The development of a new turbocharger, revised compression ratio and torque output increased at engine speeds below 1 200 r/min have enabled more dynamic response when accelerating and upon start up. The ultimate result is fuel savings of up to eight percent.

These are not the only fuel-saving measures, though. The EcoSwitch system lengthens sixth-gear engagement times and limits down-shifting into fourth, while EcoRoll takes advantage of the vehicle’s inertia on an incline – to the benefit of reduced fuel consumption on extra-urban routes and long runs.

An important feature of the new Eurocargo is the single anti-emission system; the HI-SCR system with a passive Diesel Particulate Filter. It is the only Euro-6 medium-range vehicle in its category to adopt such a system.

What makes Iveco’s HI-SCR system unique is that it is the only emission-control system that does not change the combustion process; that is, there is no exhaust gas recirculation. (See “What makes HI-SCR special?” for more information.)

Safety was another key consideration. A driver airbag is incorporated and the new Eurocargo is also equipped with key driving assistance systems. Standard fitment is the Lane Departure Warning System, which warns the driver when the vehicle is about to stray from its lane.

In addition to the Enhanced Vehicle Stability Control system – already standard on all versions from 12 to 19 t – the New Eurocargo features the Advanced Emergency Braking System.

This measures the distance from the vehicle ahead, assesses risk, warns the driver of the possibility of a collision and automatically applies the brakes to avoid or mitigate a potential impact. This system is compliant with European legislation coming into force in November 2015.

An exercise in evolutionBut – as they say in the classics – that’s not all, folks … Adaptive Cruise Control is now available on the new Eurocargo as well. Another safety and driving-comfort feature, this automatically maintains the distance from the vehicle ahead, adapting cruising speed using radar sensors, the throttle, engine brake and brakes.

Lahutte reiterates: “The new Eurocargo is the ideal partner in the city: it is respectful of people and the environment; it offers a substantial update in design, safety and functionality; it consumes less fuel and consequently also reduces CO2 emissions; and, finally, it maintains the same manoeuvrability with improved engine torque and driver comfort.”

Over half a million customers in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Australia and Latin America have chosen the Eurocargo since its introduction in 1991. What more perfect 40th anniversary present could Iveco give to itself, and its customers, than the new version?

What makes HI-SCR special?

HI-SCR works with fresh, clean intake air without Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR). Combustion temperatures, therefore, remain high – reducing the percentage of particulates without the need for an active Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF).

There is no need to make periodic stops for DPF forced regeneration, thus providing significant benefits also in terms of maintenance intervals and associated costs.

The use of a single nitrogen oxide (NOx) treatment system downstream of the engine, and elimination of the EGR system, results in better performance with smaller displacement engines.

The Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system has an extraordinary conversion ratio of about 97 percent. There is, therefore, no need for post-injection of diesel fuel to promote combustion of the particulates. Fuel consumption and thermal stress on the post-treatment system are thus reduced. Up to 4,5 percent savings in fuel consumption can be achieved compared to Euro-5 systems.

Hydrocarbons (HC); Carbon Monoxide (CO); NOx and particulate matter (PM) from the combustion process go in, while only water vapour (H2O); Nitrogen gas (N2) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) comes out.

As a single, compact system, there are fewer components, less complexity and less weight; to the benefit of payload. The entire system is optimally positioned on the chassis to allow fitting of most set-up options, including box vans and curtainsiders, van bodies, refrigerated bodies, tanker bodies and many other configurations.

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