Celebrating 50 years of Neoplan Skyliner

Celebrating 50 years of Neoplan Skyliner

In the 50 years since its launch, the Neoplan Skyliner has inspired many extraordinary conversions, for example, the Roadyacht. Created by Günter Erhart, this 30-year-old exclusive luxury liner still garners loads of appeal today.

In 1981, in the north of Germany, Erhart came across an 11-year-old Neoplan Skyliner. The bus was on sale for 3 000 marks, and was in a miserable condition: damaged engine, fittings ripped out, cable harness in shreds, windows broken, alternator and compressor stolen … but the bodywork was impeccable.

Years of intensive renovations followed. Erhart cut away the top of the body, built up the roof structure and installed a new Henschel engine. He got the spare parts from Neoplan’s stock and the manufacturer’s experts were available to advise and assist him.

The panoramic windows of the sleeping lounges offer fantastic views of the day or night sky. Elsewhere there is plenty of daylight and features include: a toilet and bath between decks, six sleeping berths and the “rooms” can be separated by sliding walls, or curtains. While stationary, with the rear roof open, the Roadyacht offers up to 25 seats. It is licensed for eight persons plus the driver on the road.

From March to October each year, the Roadyacht can be hired as a holiday home. Parked in its “home port” about ten kilometres from the eastern shores of Lake Maggiore, in Italy, holidaymakers can enjoy rural surroundings and an incomparable panoramic view. The Roadyacht can also be driven to a dream destination of choice.

“When we’re at an event, such as a roadshow or a corporate celebration, it’s an immediate topic of conversation. Some people assume it came from America and then I proudly say: ‘Oh no, I built it myself!’” says Erhart.

The top deck has already been used as a special kind of fair booth, an exclusive meeting room and a DJ cockpit at open-air events. The Roadyacht’s unique roof construction makes all this possible, while at the same time ensuring a pleasant atmosphere inside the bus.


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