Compact refrigeration cost savings

Compact refrigeration cost savings

Rationalising its compact Thermo King V-series (vehicle powered refrigeration unit) range has put GEA Refrigeration Africa in a position to further entrench its market leadership status by passing cost benefits on to customers.

Thermo King is rejuvenating its direct-drive offering for the South African market, with massive benefits for the customer. Its V-series range of compact refrigeration units has been adapted to be a more flexible and reliable solution for vans and trucks.

“What we’ve done is reposition certain unit models to cut across a wider spectrum of cooling requirements. This means we have fewer models to focus on and can pass on some of the cost savings to clients,” says Ronnie Meechan, general manager, GEA Transport Division.

By stocking fewer different types of units, GEA Refrigeration, the sole importer of the Thermo King range of transport refrigeration systems in South Africa, is able to increase its stock holding of these units, resulting in an overall reduction in pricing across the range.

“We have chosen to go with units that have slightly higher capacity than needed to be competitive and ensure that the life expectancy of our units is longer than generally accepted in the industry,” notes Meechan. “Our units have generally had a lower life cycle cost, and we are sure that this strategy will result in even higher savings – establishing the Thermo King V-series as the market leader in its class.”

With Thermo King offering a total of 14 V-series units, GEA Refrigeration has opted to offer its local customers the following units:

• C200 – 10: for fresh applications; up to 2,5-metre body with no electric stand-by
• V200 – Max 10: for fresh and frozen applications; up to three-metre body, with no electric stand-by
• V200 – Max 20: for fresh and frozen applications; up to three-metre body, with electric stand-by facility
• V300 – Max 20: for fresh and frozen applications; up to 3,5-metre body, with electric stand-by facility
• V500 – Max 20: for fresh and frozen applications; up to five-metre body, with electric stand-by facility.

Ideal for small businesses such as butcheries and dairies, these small-truck temperature control units are powered by a road compressor and electric power supply. The range guarantees great efficiency and maximum load protection, especially when combined with advanced features such as the user-friendly Direct Smart Reefer. The range also offers customers the flexibility to choose units with heating capabilities, electric stand-by and multi-temperature options.

The restructured pricing and lower life cycle costs are complemented by a one-year guarantee on the units, and five-year maintenance contracts. The range is available from all 11 GEA Refrigeration branches in South Africa. For further peace of mind, the units are also available and can be serviced at GEA Refrigeration’s branch in Tanzania, as well as its joint venture with Thermo King in Namibia.

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