Petrol from poo

Petrol from poo

It would seem that, lately, not everything made and developed in the famous Silicon Valley, in the United States, is tablet- and smartphone-related after all.

A new company, Life Sustain 9 Billion (LS9), has recently started making a name for itself – with its chief goal being to make petrol using bug poo.

Greg Pal, 33-year-old senior director of LS9, is thigh-deep into developing genetically altered micro-bugs that feed on agricultural waste and then excrete crude oil.

For all intents and purposes this remarkable feat of “think-tanking” may result a truly renewable source of oil – making all that inconvenient quibbling about oil redundant.

Of course this isn’t necessarily a particularly good thing, as having an indefinitely renewable source of crude oil might also mean quite definite destruction of the earth’s environment.

Having said that, LS9 claims that its “Oil 2.0” will be carbon negative; meaning that the carbon emitted by its product will be less than that expended from the materials that it’s made from.

All kidding aside, have a look at this potential game-changer here.

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