Shell SA introduces Dynaflex

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Shell South Africa has launched its Dynaflex technology – a new additive for Shell Diesel Extra 50-ppm diesel – designed to aid in enhancing performance, protection and engine cleaning.

Dynaflex technology is a complex blend of powerful cleaning agents that enhance performance and protect from deposits to maintain engine efficiency. The unique formulation contains dual-detergent molecules to clean the engine.

Shell South Africa says that, irrespective of the engine’s lifespan, all diesel customers can benefit from the new Dynaflex technology that will maintain the engine’s efficiency.

Shell Diesel Extra also enables increased torque and load-pulling power. Ultimately, this fuel is designed to help customers get more out of their engines and lower operating costs.

Ashley Abrahams, national sales manager, Commercial Fuels at Shell South Africa says: “As it is designed to increase efficiency, our customers will enjoy better performance, improved operating costs, and maximum return on fleet investment. In fact, our Shell Diesel Extra with Dynaflex technology can save customers up to three percent on fuel costs.”

“Our commercial customers will experience major benefits with this new fuel formulation,” concluds Abrahams.

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