Truck Test 2012 is done and dusted – and I am delighted to report that it has been a massive success!

At FOCUS, we’re always looking for reasons to celebrate and have a good party. The conclusion of Truck Test 2012 and the official announcement of the results seemed like grounds for just such an event. As such, the FOCUS team, Truck Test 2012 participants and all the sponsors gathered at a Johannesburg restaurant recently for the official announcement of the test results.

The results were published in last month’s FOCUS (they’re also on our website, if you don’t have the July 2012 issue handy), and we handed copies of the magazine to the 80-strong group of industry captains.

I am delighted to say that we received nothing but positive feedback from everyone at the lunch – the opinion of delegates was unanimous: the results were meaningful and Truck Test must become an annual event.

There was also huge excitement at the announcement that Truck Test 2012 would star on Ignition, DStv’s local motoring channel. As this issue of FOCUS went to print, millions of South Africans were able to venture behind the scenes of Truck Test 2012, thanks to the fact that we had a dedicated Truck Test show on the channel. We also had some of the country’s leading trucking authorities come into the studio to chat to us.

Looking forward, we now need to plan the 2013 event. First up, we must decide if we should conduct a similar test, or if we should do something completely different. Naturally, we canvassed the industry captains at the lunch – their opinions vary greatly, but we gathered a lot of meaningful input. As the months leading towards the next event tick over (alarmingly fast, I suspect), we’ll announce the specific details of Truck Test 2013 – so watch this space.

My sincere thanks to all the sponsors who joined FOCUS in making the lunch possible – Engen, Hellberg Transport Management (HTM), Dunlop, BPW Axles, WABCO, Aero Truck and DigiCore Fleet Management.

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