Very cool (it even has icebergs)

Very cool (it even has icebergs)

Vehicle vinyls are usually commonplace on built-up racing cars, which would feel right at home in the next The Fast and the Furious film, but one full-distribution service provider, Titanic Trucking, is using this form of “body art” to grab some attention …

Brendin Moodley, national operations manager and one of the owners of Titanic Trucking, explains: “We’ve always done eccentric things to our trucks to make them stand out and grab customers’ attention.”

It  did more than that, however, as the company’s uniquely styled truck, with its full body wrap depicting a Titanic-style cruise ship on the vehicle’s cab and trailer tarps, also grabbed the attention of our editor, Charleen Clark, while she was in the Mother City – enticing her to stop and snap this one-of-a-kind prime mover.

This vehicle isn’t only a looker, it is used in Titanic Trucking’s day-to-day operations. “We specialise in hazchem goods and paint, but we handle a lot of general cargo as well,” Moodley points out.

The company started out transporting break bulk cargo in Cape Town, during 2001, but has expanded its facilities to Johannesburg, Durban, Bloemfontein as well as certain areas in the Eastern Cape. Its fleet also grew from one vehicle to 28 – all of them Scania R500s.

Although Titanic Trucking currently  has only one work-horse depicting its name, in more ways than one, it isn’t a stranger to chic vehicles … “My other vehicles have unique reflective vinyls on them,” Moodley points out. “This makes them more visible in the dark – so it is for safety purposes, but it makes them stand out as well.”

Not just a pretty face …

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