Volvo reveals world’s longest bus

Volvo reveals world’s longest bus

Imagine it: a bi-articulated bus of 30-m long with capacity for up to 300 people. Those are the specs of the new Volvo Gran Artic 300 – the largest bus in the world. 

“We are leaders in Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) vehicles and we are making the world’s largest bus available to the market. This vehicle will offer more efficiency to the organised transport systems, guaranteeing a better quality of life for the passengers and a better cost benefit to the operators,” says Fabiano Todeschini, president of Volvo Bus Latin America.

The Gran Artic 300, with versions of 28 and 30 m in length, is the largest in the world, and was developed in Brazil especially for transport systems with high demand and segregated corridors.

“We are proud to say that the world’s largest bus is a Volvo and that it was developed in Brazil,” says Idam Stival, coordinator of Volvo Bus Latin America’s sales engineering. He points out that the first bi-articulate model, launched in the early 1990s, was also developed by the brand in the country and is now sold to high capacity transportation systems around the world.

The Gran Artic 300 carries up to 30 passengers more than its predecessor and can replace three standard vehicles. These substitutions offer more efficiency to urban transport, and generate economic and environmental benefits since it reduces operational costs and the emission of pollutants.

“This gain in passenger numbers represents a gain in scale in efficiency, fleet reduction and emission reduction,” explains Stival.

“We have developed a larger vehicle solution with greater passenger capacity, maintaining the three axes of the model we have in our product line. It is a differential of our articulation that reduces the cost per passenger,” he concludes.

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